Kathy Lien Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth

Kathy Lien

Kathy Lien is a well-known currency strategist and author of several books on forex trading. She is the managing director of BK Asset Management, a global macroeconomic research firm, and a regular commentator on the forex market for several financial news outlets.

Early Life & Education

Kathy Lien is a well-known currency analyst, author, and strategist in the world of foreign exchange (forex). Born in Vietnam in 1979, Lien emigrated with her family to the United States as a child and grew up in New York City. She began her financial career at a young age, interning on Wall Street while she was still in high school.

Lien went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in economics from New York University, and then a master’s degree in international finance from the Stevens Institute of Technology. She began her professional career as a currency analyst at IDEAglobal, a financial research firm, and quickly rose through the ranks to become the firm’s Chief Currency Strategist.

Early Career

In 2005, Lien co-founded BK Asset Management, a currency-focused investment advisory firm. At BK, she is responsible for developing and executing currency trading strategies for institutional clients, and is widely regarded as one of the top currency analysts in the world. She is also a frequent commentator on economic and financial news, appearing regularly on such outlets as CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business News.

Lien has authored several books on the subject of currency trading, including “Day Trading the Currency Market,” “Millionaire Traders,” and “The Little Book of Currency Trading.” These books have been praised for their clear and accessible explanations of complex financial concepts, and have helped to make Lien a well-known figure in the financial world.

In addition to her work at BK Asset Management and her writing, Lien is also a sought-after speaker, and has delivered presentations on currency trading and the global economy to audiences all over the world. She has been recognized for her achievements with numerous awards, including being named to the “40 under 40” list by both “Traders Magazine” and “FX Week.”

Despite her many successes, Lien remains dedicated to her work and to helping others understand the world of currency trading. She is known for her disciplined approach to risk management and her ability to effectively analyze market trends, and these skills have helped her to consistently deliver strong results for her clients.

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Key achievements and contributions

Lien has made several key contributions to the field of forex trading, including her accurate market predictions and her ability to explain complex economic concepts in a clear and accessible way. She is also the author of several books on forex trading, including “Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market” and “The Little Book of Currency Trading.”

Personal life

Lien is married and has two children. She divides her time between her home in New York City and her office in Singapore.

Net worth

Kathy Lien’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, but as a successful trader, investor and author it can be assumed that she is financially well off.


Kathy Lien is a highly respected and successful trader, author, and educator in the field of forex trading. Her accurate market predictions and ability to explain complex economic concepts have made her a sought-after commentator on the forex market. Her books on forex trading have helped many traders to better understand the currency market and make more informed trading decisions. Lien’s legacy in the forex trading community is one of a respected and successful trader, author, and educator.

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