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Nina Chuba also referred to as Nina Kaider is a German actress and singer. She is most known for her roles in Das Traumschiff (1981), Notruf Hafenkante (2007), and Bettys Diagnose (2015).

This page discusses “Nina Chuba” and includes information on her biography, age, career, net worth, family history, and other details about her. Before moving on, let’s look at her profile summary in the table below.

Profile Summary

Birth NameNina Kaiser
Age24 years old
Birth DateOctober 14, 1998
Birth PlaceHamburg
ProfessionSinger and Actress
Current LocationBerlin, Germany
Net Worth$500,000
Social linksInstagram

Early Life & Birth

Nina Chuba was born Nina Kaiser in Hamburg, Germany on October 14, 1998. She holds German nationality and her ethnicity is white. Regarding her age, Chuba celebrated her 24th birthday on October 14, 2022.

The identities of Nina’s parents have not yet been made public. However, according to reports, she and her older brother were raised by her parents in a small house close to the Blankenese neighborhood.


In 2008, Nina Chuba began her acting career on a professional level. She was chosen to play Marie in the German television series Die “Pfefferkörner” while she was still in high school. Nearly everyone wanted to be associated with Nina as her fame grew, but after some time, it started to diminish.

Nina was aware of the problem and over time, she considered what she could do to address it. She, therefore, made the decision to launch a travel-focused YouTube channel after graduating.

Nina was aware of the problem and had considered what she could do about it throughout the years. So, after graduating, she decided to create a travel YouTube channel.

However, she recorded failure rather than success because her YouTube videos were done in English and her English was not very good.

Nina stopped making YouTube videos as a result of her disappointments and chose to pursue music instead. She and several friends of hers formed the band “Blizz,” and she was their lead singer. They jointly released their first music video, “My Time”.

Solo Music Career

Nina opted to go solo at the end of 2018, and she quit the music group “Blizz,” which ultimately disbanded after she left. Nina moved to Berlin, Germany, in an effort to pursue her solo career.

She debuted as a solo artist with the song “My Time” in 2018 and later released her second single titled “White Shirt,” which was released in 2019. Chuba’s song “White Shirt” was a hit, with over three thousand views on her YouTube channel.

She released “I Owe You Nothing,” her third song, in October 2019 and released her debut EP in 2020 under the title “Power EP.” The EP has six songs totaling roughly 16 minutes in length.


The songs Nina Chuba has released thus far in her career are listed below.

  • MollyMoon
  • I Can’t Sleep
  • White Shirt
  • Jungle
  • Beluga
  • Who Hurt You
  • Lips Shut
  • Babylon Fall
  • Levitating
  • Yellow Black Blue

Relationship Status

Nina Chuba is a fine young talented woman who is sure to have secret admirers. However, when it comes to discussing her private life, specifically her dating life, Chuba has been very careful about saying anything. Because of this, we currently are unable to ascertain her current relationship status.

Net Worth

Nina Chuba is well known for her uniqueness in her style of music and artistic abilities. She is living a nice life and has amassed wealth due to her songs. According to reports, she is reportedly worth $500,000 USD.

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